Monday, October 16th 2017 – Essay

Hello parents,

I will begin posting the guidelines for our Monday essays, since some of you want some guidelines for helping your students.

Here is the essay prompt.

Today, we learned about John Chapman, who was more well-known as Johnny Appleseed.

You are going to write an essay detailing why Johnny Appleseed was important to the early settlers in America. Write an essay that describes two parts:

  1. Why was Johnny Appleseed important to early settlers?
  2. How were some of the stories of Johnny Appleseed turned into legends?

Make sure that your essay is at least 1 double-spaced page!

It is a two-part essay, and we have to start with identifying why Johnny Appleseed is an important character to the early settlers. Some reasons we gave:

-He gave deerskin bags full of apple seeds away

-The orchards that grew were an asset to the economy in Ohio Valley

-Apples were an excellent source of food for settlers

-He would tell stories about his life

-He would share his faith

-He was a hero and welcome visitor

-He lived for others

The second part has to do with some of the stories that turned into legends:

-People thought he was big and strong but was actually very small

-He was thought to be very poor, but actually owned a lot of land

-He was an outdoorsman, and many there were many tales about his adventures

-He was rumored to have met Abe Lincoln

-The reason that people told legends about him was because he was a well-loved man

If you need more help, here is the handout that we had today:

Scannable Document on Oct 16, 2017, 5_26_00 PM


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