Math test on Wednesday, May 18th!

Math Update 5/9/2016

We are back on the regular math schedule! We will cover chapter 12, lessons 4-8 this week, and we will have the Chapter 12 test on Wednesday, May 18th!

Math Update 4/18/2016

We are going to be finishing chapter 11 this week. We will be covering lessons 4-7. The test will be next Tuesday, April 26th!

We are working on chapter 11, we have gotten to lesson 4. We will be putting a pause on math to work on the Noetic Math Contest this Friday, April 15th!

We will be having the Chapter 10 math test on Wednesday, March 23rd!

Monday, March 14-Friday, March 18th – Chapter 10, Lesson4-Lesson 8. We will also do some fraction review from Thursday-Friday.

We will also be having the next test next Wednesday, March 1st!

Monday, February 22-Friday, February 26th

Chapter 9, Lessons 5-9

Friday, February 19th – Chapter 9. Lesson 4 – The Associative Property

Sorry for the lapse in posting! I will be posting the current chapter and lesson that we are studying if you want to keep up on the connectED link!

Tuesday, November 3rd – Chapter 4 Math Test

Wednesday, October 21st – Chapter 3 Math Test

Wednesday, September 15th  – First Math Test on Chapter 1

Here is the link for online help!

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